What is the Difference between the Website and the Blog?

Many people are getting confused between the website and the blog. They do not know which platform they need to select to share there information.
Both the website and the blog are the online platform to share the information. But there is a little difference in that is the content posted in the blog are frequently updated but the content posted in the website are not frequently updated.

Let’s see who need to create a blog and who need to create the website?
If you are running a Company and want to share all the information about your company to the Visitors you need to create the website. Because the Content you are posting was not going to change frequently.

In Case if you are an Individual who wants to share the information online, for example : if you are a cook or a musician or in other profession who want to share and frequently update the information can start the Blog. So this is the Simple difference between the blog and the website.

An another major difference between the blog and the website is the Blog is more user engaged when compared to the website because in blogs the user can comment about the articles that you are posting but in the website this cannot be done. This is all about the difference between the Blog and the Website.