What is a Blog?

Let me explain what is a blog?

There are two kind of people are existing in this world one set of people are sharing the information and the other set of people are searching for the information. Here the Blog plays the major role. The Blog act as a platform in connecting these people each other. This can be explained in a very simple day to day life example.

For example: If an expert cook who wants to share the recipes which he or she makes can start the blog online and can share all the information through the blog. At the other end a home maker who wants to try new recipes in their home can get the information from this kind of blog. So the Blog act as a best online Platform to connect the people sharing the information and the people looking out for the information.

If you want to create a blog for your use and if you want to know more information about how to create a blog we had mentioned a free book on How to Start a Blog You can also go through this book so that you will get more idea about how you can start a blog