How to Create a Blog?

Let give some explanation about how to create the blog ? Since there are many platforms that are available to create the Blog .We mainly recommend the people to create the blog through the best and the most used platform called as WordPress. Because the Word press was one of the most widely used Content Management system used by the people all around the World. The another best thing about the WordPress is that it is very easy to use. Anyone who has very simple computer knowledge can access the WordPress and they can able to create their own blog Without much Technical Knowledge.

If you want to learn more about the WordPress there are many free online Tutorials that are available in the Internet you can search and Get the basic knowledge about the WordPress. We can also recommend some of the Books that are available on the online Shopping Portals so that you can overview the Content of those books and if you are satisfied with those Content and you can buy those books and you can learn more about the WordPress and you can get started to Learn the WordPress.

Now you are clear about what is the difference between the website and the blog. How to create the blog. Which Platform should be used to create the blog?